Now you can enjoy our premium quality ground beef in your own home! Available for take out.

Haywire Grill Pack $60

Introducing the Haywire Grill Pack: A semi do-it-yourself approach for a homemade burger experience. Each grill pack contains the ingredients to create four gourmet Haywire burgers. 

Simply grill, assemble, and enjoy!

Included with each pack are four UNCOOKED** hand formed burgers* made from our premium quality house-ground hormone- and antibiotic-free beef, ready to serve toppings and rolls, house chips and our spicy chipotle lime slaw. Sorry, no substitutions. 


Four 8oz UNCOOKED hand formed burgers* 

Four brioche rolls

4 pieces thick sliced cheddar

8 pieces cooked bacon

Caramelized onions

Chipotle sauce

Side of house chips

Side of spicy chipotle lime slaw

* Thoroughly cooking meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish, or eggs reduces the risk of foodborne illness.

**USDA recommends an internal cooking temperature of 160º for ground beef.